Piano Removal

The removal of (grand) pianos is a highly specialised job. These instruments are heavy and difficult to handle – a grand piano can weigh as much as 400 kilos! Moreover, the instruments are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. De Jong Verhuizingen transports your (grand) piano in a special padded cover and with an air suspended removal van.

By working this way, we avoid damage to your piano, your home and you. Is it not possible for your (grand) piano to be taken directly to the new address? Then we’ll put it in the piano storage in one of our heated and conditioned storage units. With our round-the-clock surveillance, your instrument could not possibly be in safer hands.

In preparation for your (grand) piano removal

De Jong Verhuizingen would like to know how your piano fits in the doorways, hallways etc. Make a carton mould of the side of your piano, and see if the instrument fits sideways by placing the mould flatly on the ground.

  • What type of floors do your old and new address have? Please provide details on this, so we can bring adequate protection with us.
  • Does the piano need to be put on a higher/lower floor? In some cases, a piano can only be brought inside in one way. Usually this will be done with a ladder lift, sometimes even with a large crane. Inform us of the clear and complete details.

Would you like more information about piano removals? Feel free to contact us.

Piano Removal
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